Decoys by "Speed" Joiner

A collection of decoys carved by world-renown carver, Charlie “Speed” Joiner, are on display at the museum.  Joiner, a Betterton native, donated carving tools and much of his collection of decoys to the Museum. 


Much of Betterton’s history can be traced through postcards dating back to the 1880s through 1960s.  A collection of the cards are on display at the Museum and also featured in the book, “Betterton:  Jewel of the Chesapeake” co-authored by Larry Crew, a life-long resident.  The book and other items related to Betterton, are available for purchase at the Museum gift shop.

The Ark

The Betterton fishing ark is one of a handful of historic arks known to exist today.  It was used as temporary overnight housing by watermen so they could stay in remote locations on the water. The authentically restored Betterton ark travels to special events around Kent County and is permanently on display at the Community Center Park by the museum.